Type of Submissions

OCCE 2020 welcomes the following type of submissions :

  • Full papers:A full paper is a standard academic research paper of, at most, 10 pages including references.
  • Short papers:A short paper, up to 5 pages long including references, is an academic paper, position paper, case study, policy paper or a national perspective.
  • Industry foresight:Companies and developers outline their state-of-the-art technologies, seeking discussion and comment to support their ongoing development. Participants should submit a short description (maximum 2 pages) or a short paper (up to 5 pages long).
  • Symposia: A symposium is a collection of related papers on a central theme of the conference. Proposals for symposia outline the theme, the participants, and include a one-page abstract of each paper. At a stated time, symposium papers will be submitted as long or short papers, but to be involved in the conference there is no requirement to do this.
  • System presentations: Ongoing hardware and software project developments relating to the conference theme may be presented and discussed during the conference. A short description (maximum 2 pages) of an exhibit should be submitted.
  • Learner and teacher presentations: A submission of a presentation by students and their teachers, demonstrating uses, learning activities and learning outcomes of Computer Science Education and using CS and ICT are encouraged. A presentation submission should be up to 2 pages in length. Such sessions will allow sharing with all stakeholder communities attending. As the conference will focus on themes and topics that are pertinent to school managers, local managers, teachers and advisers, attendance at selected sessions from across all themes will be highlighted by suggested pathways where possible. These sessions will be particularly useful for practitioners involved in project-based activities.
  • National direction sessions: One or more national direction sessions, each focusing on a country, can be led by a national representative. With two (or even perhaps more) of these sessions in the conference, comparisons and hot topics can be considered and discussed. A national direction session should aim to run for a maximum of one to one and a half hours:
  • • With a national overview from a national representative, up to 5 pages in length.
  • • A policy, practice or research element aligning to the interests of a conference theme, perhaps on compulsory education, or vocational education, up to 5 pages in length.
  • • A second policy, practice or research element aligning to the interests of another conference theme, perhaps on research or educational management, up to 5 pages in length..
  • Panel and audience response sessions: Chairs of these panels should submit an abstract (up to 2 pages in length) for a panel of up to three identified speakers who will briefly present their views on a pertinent topic. The audience will be invited to participate in a round-table discussion, using audience response systems to record levels of responses from those participating.