We invite you to submit your work to OCCE 2020, which enables you to: -

  • • Take an active role and be involved in discussions to consider concerns and approaches for the future of technology for empowering teaching, training and professional development with ICT
  • • Share knowledge and ideas about the rapidly emerging practices of Computer Science Education (CSE), and the important role that CSE has in educating creators of the future
  • • Discuss the importance of ensuring digital equity and access, and how we can achieve this for communities widely
  • • Demonstrate and illustrate examples of global and mobile opportunities, used for educational purposes in developed and developing countries
  • • Access latest research and business solutions that have been transformed into educational best practice, where outcomes are recognised and identified
  • • Offer examples of how inclusive and adaptive technologies have impacted and can impact both society and knowledge
  • • Participate with strategy and policy experts, from international agencies, national or regional government, research and academia, and educational advice and practice
  • • Network with world-leading teachers, educators, professionals and technologists
  • • Be involved in sessions that allow experiences to be shared with others, including leading technology developers, through innovative workshops on learning technologies
  • • Present your work, research, developments, policy initiatives, and ideas, so that we can all be inspired by leading examples from our wealth of international contributors and speakers